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Robson Sofa Bed in Blue

Robson Sofa Bed in Blue

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Robson Sofa Bed in Blue is designed for comfort and convenience. Boasting a modern European style with ergonomic design, the sofa is cushion filled for a cozy feel. Included are two decorative pillows for additional neck and back support. Its soft edges protect against injury, while two linen niches offer storage for linens. Ideal for daily sleep or a warm welcome.


  • Spring snake
  • Elastic passage
  • 5-coil spring Bonnel block
  • Highly elastic PPU 25-20
  • 5.5" Queen size mattress will allow you to fully recuperate
  • Convenient layout mechanism. The walking mechanism "Pantograph" allows you to easily turn the sofa into a queen bed and not damage the floor covering


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